DUI arrests spike in Burbank

 At least 15 people in Burbank have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol within the last week, police reported today.
“That’s amazing in one week’s time,” Burbank Police Lt. John Dilbert said of the DUIs logged between Aug. 2 and Aug. 8.
The summer weather, students anticipating the start of the school year and the upcoming Labor Day holiday likely contributed to the unusually high number, he added.
There was also an increase in traffic accidents, he said.
“We noticed that accidents have been going up,” Dilbert said. “So when there is an increase in accidents, people are not driving properly. The more tickets you write, the more people get back into focus – I know it’s not the best thing to say.”
A DUI checkpoint is scheduled in Burbank for Aug. 27.

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