Politicians are overpaying themselves

State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) has let the cat out of the bag on what goes on in the California Legislature as to what it costs each legislator to run his or her office each year.

This is shocking! So I hope the readers are sitting down.

According to the Glendale News-Press article regarding Portantino being told to cut his spending by the Democratic higher-ups (“Papers sue state to get spending records,” Aug. 6), Portantino has been receiving an annual office allowance of $694,375 and spent $657,591 of it last year.

The article goes on to say that Portantino will receive only $518,000 this year allegedly because he was the only Democrat to vote against his party’s budget proposal.

After reading those astronomical figures, we now know one of the reasons why California is bankrupt along with all of the businesses leaving the state

When you count all of the members of the California Assembly and Senate (and I can’t give you an exact figure), and factor in these outrageous office allowances in addition to the regular salaries of the legislators (more than $100,000), boy, they are smelling like a rose.

No wonder everyone wants to enter politics.

We see it in Washington, D.C., and in Sacramento, and the politicians always win out over the poor taxpayer.

Don Mazen



Theater’s ‘1776’ is a can’t-miss

Glendale Centre Theatre has a hit on its hands.

My family and I attended the Glendale Centre Theatre production of the Tony Award-winning musical, “1776.” My grandson put it best when he said, “Awesome, John Adams was funny.”

We heartily recommend this historical musical to one and all. So get your family and friends together and head to the theater.

“1776” is running through Saturday.

Lynn McGinnis


Fine irresponsible dog owners

Regarding the pet-waste stations, this program is not what is needed (“Courtesy pet-waste stations to hit the streets,” Aug. 10).

Dog owners (I am one) should show responsibility when in public places and pick up after their pets.

I know of several of these so-called “stations” at parks and of all places, pet stores, that do not get baggies replaced for several days! In one case, at a park the dispenser key was lost. Consequently, it ended up being a spider’s nesting place.

It was eventually brought to the administrator of the park and replaced with one of their own. This took at least a year and a half (bureaucracy at the speed of somewhere over the rainbow) and guess what, it is empty too.

There should be an enforceable ordinance that fines dog owners in neighborhoods and parks for not picking up after their pets.

Signs are ignored by many, creating the rise in fly populations, mess around kids’ play areas — you get the rest. It is a waste of money and fails to work unless enforced with a fine — just like the leash law.

Ron Smith


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