Bites and Sights: A coffee break at Jones

There's a little hidden gem near my house in Pasadena called Jones Coffee. From the outside it looks like an abandoned warehouse in an industrial neighborhood but the inside is abuzz with vibrant neon lights, chatty baristas, industrial coffee roasters and patrons.

I love a good cup of coffee so when I heard about this place I had to try it out for myself. The tiny sign is barely visible off the street and I passed it by twice before I finally found it.

The beauty of Jones Coffee is that it's unapologetically raw. The space is vast as it serves as an actual coffee roasting plant on one side, with huge piles of sacked coffee beans in the corner and in the center is a tiny espresso bar, brewing the freshest coffee straight from the source.

They even host weekly events such as music nights, food truck nights and classes on the art of coffee.

Being at Jones you feel like you're a part of a secret club, almost like an underground coffee culture for those who really love and appreciate good coffee.

Garinee Soudjian is a writer, blogger who is passionate about food and community. She can be reached at


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