Council should stop spending at DeBell

The Burbank City Council should not spend $26,000 or 26 cents for an outside consulting firm to look into the DeBell Golf Club money problems (“National Golf Foundation to assist with reviving DeBell,” July 30).

Councilman Dave Golonski and Mayor Jess Talamantes, who sit on the DeBell oversight committee, state that the golf course has been in the red for two years and they need a change.

Yes, we do need a change, and it is the City Council and parks and recreation employees. They have been watching the golf course lose money each month for two years before they do something, which is to throw away $26,000 to a consulting firm to do what they should have been doing all along.

If they were doing their jobs, they wouldn't be where they are today.

Wake up Burbank residents. Don't allow the City Council to spend $26,000 to hire an outside company to do their job. Hold the City Council and parks officials responsible for doing their job!

And if they don't do it, get rid of them.

Robert Trainor


Rolling out the red carpet for Walmart

I daresay that the majority, if not all, of the haters of Big Bad Walmart are securely employed, own their homes and car and probably have children in college. The American Dream.

And now these haters would deny to those who have none of the above their chance at the American Dream (“Walmart's good, bad effects,” July 27). Their self-centered nonsense about the Walmart evils defies all reason. It denies others the right to possess a livelihood.

Walmart has been one of the top job generators in history. When they move here, which they will likely do, they will be responsible for thousands of jobs in staffing and support services — something the impotent local, state and federal governments are completely incapable of doing.

To Walmart, I say: Welcome to our shores.

And to the people, I say: Don't let these Walmart haters fool you. The goose that lays the golden egg is on its way here.

Richard Bartlett



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