Altadena Town Council rundown

We're still on half speed this week, but we present the town council odds & ends rundown:

  • Councilmember Alice Wessen (CT 4603.01) has resigned.  Any resident of the census tract who would like to be considered to replace her should contact Doug Colliflower at 626-797-8441 ext 205 or email:
  • Several committee assignments were made, including: a team to overhaul the council website, consisting of councilmembers Greg Middleton and Brent Musson, with volunteers Rebecca Haussling and Bill Westphal.  A committee was appointed to look at proposed community identification (i.e. "Welcome to Altadena") signs: Gino Sund, Diane Marcussen, and Tecumseh Shackelford.
  • Marissa Hernandez of the county parks department said that the parks were winding up summer programs and looking into fall.  The Loma Alta pool will close the day after Labor Day, the summer lunch program at all parks will end Aug. 26, and after school activities start Sept. 6.  Loma Alta Park is also looking for more teams for the Thursday night adult basketball league, and is starting adult volleyball Tuesday and Friday nights.  For more information: 398-5451.



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