Does Montrose need a Starbucks?

I, and many others, have experienced the uniqueness and small-town quality Montrose Shopping Park has had to offer for many years. However, with the proposed addition of Starbucks, we could lose that and it could become just another mall (“Proposed Starbucks stirs up Montrose,” Sept. 9).

Do we really need a Starbucks, especially one that is located only a few blocks from another coffee shop?

Even though Trader Joe’s is opening soon and considered a chain store, it is based in Southern California, has a hometown feel and will be serving as an anchor for the shopping park, whereas Starbucks is an international chain, based in the state of Washington and would be located in the middle of the shopping park.

As a side note, the new generation of greedy commercial building owners in Montrose has been increasing rents so much in recent years (in some cases doubling), that they have been driving mom-and-pop businesses away.

For those who are interested, don’t wait until after a final decision has been made and then complain. Let your voices be heard now, when it counts. Contact the city planner at (818) 548-3210 regarding notification of future hearing dates on the proposed Starbucks.

Elaine Alexander


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