No on-campus dorms, please

As a resident of the Glendale Community College district, I would like to express my objection to the addition of any dormitories or living facilities on or near the campus. This is a community college, not a four-year college or university (“Dormitory debate heats up,” Sept. 9).

I was born in Glendale in 1939, grew up in the area, was married here and lived in the Glendale area most of my adult life. I attended Glendale College for several years after being released from the military 1961.

I think that the installation of dormitories for foreign students on or near the college campus is outrageous and not in the best interest of the local student population. This campus should be for our local kids and young adults, not students from other nations.

I understand that Glendale Community College already is struggling to keep up with demand for classes and parking. Why would they even think about bringing in additional foreign students?

To let foreign money influence the decisions of members of the college Board of Trustees is not in the best interest of the community and not in the best interest of our local students.

Roy Allmon

La Crescenta

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