A 10-point plan and a five-member board

Nick Friesen did an outstanding job in his 10-point selection process plan (“Points for the City Council to ponder,” Aug. 18), as well as trying to evaluate where we are now with the consulting firm handling the selection process for our new city manager.

Now that we are entering the third phase of our selection process for our new city manager, I’d like to concur on a five-member review board. One member would be appointed by each City Council member.

This review board would be comprised of very distinguish citizens of our beautiful city who would consider recommendations made by the city manager. Now that we’re entering the final stage, it would be an excellent time now to pursue such a citizens’ review board.

One name I haven't seen brought up in the search is that of Camille Levee, executive director of Glendale Healthy Kids. Her leadership/executive role and the direction she has accomplished with that nonprofit is just short of being a miracle. If it can be done there, it can be done for the city.

Gary Cornell


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