A step, or a slap?

The Dream Act, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, is “a step in the right direction” for immigration activists. But it is another slap in the face for American citizens and legal residents (“Students look to federal Dream Act,” Oct. 16).

It’s bad enough that California taxpayers spend at least $10 billion a year (or $13 billion, if you believe the latest report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform) on education, housing and medical care for illegal immigrants. It’s worse that undocumented students (who receive some or all these public services before they turn 18) pay in-state tuition rates, which are denied to out-of-state students.

Now undocumented students are in line for Cal-Grants, fee waivers and textbook vouchers. Are they happy? No, not until they get conditional residency (read: citizenship on the installment plan) under the federal Dream Act.

Is there anything else they want gift-wrapped?

Les Hammer


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