There's nothing free about plastic bags

I agree with Robert Morrison that the bags one gets at stores are handy for other uses (“Those plastic bags do come in handy,” Nov. 1).

Yes, bags with built-in handles should be available for sale — on a shelf near other useful items like aluminum foil, paper plates, plastic forks, etc.

People who want useful items usually spend their own money to buy them. It should be that way with bags, too. They aren’t free. The store pays for them and passes the cost along to customers.

And of course the companies that sell the bags to the store prefer that all customers — including people who bring reusable bags — continue to contribute to the cost of these “free” bags.

All customers have to share the cost of shoplifted items, but it’s long overdue that we stopped paying for other people’s bags. Banning environmentally unfriendly plastic bags at checkout counters is a good idea, too.

Thank you to Mayor Laura Friedman and council members Rafi Manoukian, Ara Najarian, Frank Quintero and Dave Weaver for moving Glendale closer to a fair resolution of this problem.

Nancy Burnet Kent


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