Transgas and the Doran crossing

Thanks to the Glendale News-Press for publicizing the possible closure of the Doran Street rail crossing (“PUC reopens Doran rail crossing review,” Oct. 30). A primary reason given for this action is the nearby presence of Transgas, a propane facility adjacent to the rail crossing and near a freeway overpass.

I drove by the other day and noticed that there is a large, towering propane tank at the edge of their property with minimal protection. It is just yards from the railroad crossing. Also on the property is a large corrugated iron building [which could have] an unknown amount of propane inside.

Why does this dangerous situation exist? As I live only one half-mile from this location, this is hardly an academic question for me. I did a bit of research on this subject and the answers I got were hardly reassuring.

Transgas Propane is located near the boundary of Glendale and Los Angeles, in an area zoned for heavy industry. However, it is actually in the city of Los Angeles, which has sole jurisdiction, even though an accident there could have serious consequences in Glendale.

Calls to the City of Los Angeles Fire Dept. Hazmat people revealed that no one there has any knowledge of this facility. I was told that since Transgas has evidently been in this location for some time, they must have the necessary operating permits. I wasn't particularly reassured by this cheery news.

My guess is that Transgas has been in this location for a very long time, when far fewer people lived in this area. What was probably a relatively safe situation then does not appear to be that way at the present time.

I believe that the appropriate government agency should look into this dangerous situation to see if it could be made safer. It would be a shame to close another rail crossing and inconvenience the public for the benefit of Transgas.

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Steven Asimow


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