Occupy demonstrators should be treated as terrorists

Amiee Klem'sletter on Nov. 11, “Laughing all the way to the bank,” in which she expresses support for Occupy Wall Street movement, reveals everything that is wrong with America today: ignorance and envy.


FOR THE RECORD: This story has been updated from an earlier version to add the author of the letter.


There’s ignorance of morality and American ideals; and envy of those who have earned more than she has.

The Twin Towers of New York were commercial and financial skyscrapers. In 2001, they were the terrorist's main target, being symbols of free market capitalism. So too, Wall Street is a commercial and financial “skyscraper,” and so too the new 2011 terrorists seek to destroy what little is left of America's economic freedom.

Klem is ignorant of the fact that the marketplace is not the problem, government is. The government has controlled the banks, the corporations, and the Federal Reserve since 1913. The government creates economic depressions through its manipulations of the currency, its perpetual war machine, and ever increasing taxation.

The government controls what we can grow, what we can eat, our working conditions, our travel arrangements, whether we can drive, whom we can marry, whom we hire, what, where, and how we can build, what we can smoke, what drugs are available to buy, etc.

Ray Sheldon


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