The homeless need your help

The grand experiment going on at the Glendale National Guard Armory this winter is a noble one: surround homeless clients with a plethora of services and accountability measures in an effort to get them transitioned into more permanent housing by the time spring rolls around.

The idea — even if it means serving fewer homeless clients over the winter season — is that the case management will have a much more long-term effect on the region and on the lives of those who seek shelter.

But since the program, financed solely by Glendale and Burbank, is no longer attached to the Los Angeles County-funded system, that means the need for donations and volunteers’ help is higher than ever.

To donate food, time or other resources, contact shelter organizers: Sofia Herrera at (626) 304-3753, or sofiaherrera@urban-initiatives; or Mark Bradshaw at (626) 304-3787, or

Don’t let the lower number of clients lead to complacency — the capacity may be down to 50 beds from 150 this winter, but the services and resources each of those clients get will be significantly higher. So essentially, it’s a wash — and the people who work tirelessly each day with the homeless so you don’t have to could use all the help they can get.

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