There is a time and place for everything

I agree that the Stealth fighter is great for what it was created for — one of the most discriminating, precise and accurate weapons of war ever developed. I just don’t believe it has a place in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade.

To me, the Rose Parade is a creation of love, of beauty, of joy. Everyone involved — professionals, donors, volunteers, participants — worked all year long to create something so beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Even other countries want to participate.

Everyone watches it in awe. Everybody goes home happy — tired in body, but light in spirit. Those watching from home are also delighted. It is such a pleasure to watch the parade, seeing the happiness, the togetherness, the unity.

One can perceive the hope of a better world. People from other countries wish to have the same at home. But the Stealth fighter, this big object of pride, as impressive as it is, at the Rose Parade is just a dark shadow approaching. Strange, awesome, exhilarating — it may be appropriate for the 4th of July, but not for the Rose Parade.

I feel the same about the “Occupy” demonstrators or other protesters. There is a time and a place for everything. And as much as I agree with what they are trying to do, I don’t like it at the Rose Parade.

I resent the lack of respect toward the people working on the Rose Parade and for the ones, like me, who like to enjoy it in harmony. I expect there are others who do not share my feelings. I beg their pardon.

Lidia Prevot


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