Lawmakers restore funding for student busing services

School officials in Burbank and Glendale may not have to absorb hundreds of thousands of dollars in transportation costs after the state Legislature on Thursday restored $248 million for student busing operations.

Gov. Jerry Brown, who eliminated the funding last month after state revenues fell short of projections, has indicated that he supports the move, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Glendale Unified stood to lose about $750,000, including $350,000 in reimbursements for home-to-school busing of special education students. Burbank Unified was prepared to absorb about $400,000 in state funding cuts, about half of which were slated for reimbursements for special education busing.

A bill restoring the funding easily passed in the state Senate and Assembly and has been sent to the governor's desk.

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Districts to pick up school bus tab

Photo: Clark Magnet High School students in Glendale unload from a school bus. Credit: Times Community News

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