Saving the Alex and the arts

I have to say that I am truly sad to read the Jan. 29 commentary by Barry McComb titled “It's important to save the Alex” — not only for myself, but for all the future generations.

How can this happen? How can we allow this? My grandmother moved to Glendale in the late ’40s to raise her four daughters. Almost 50 years ago one of her daughters had a child, Cynthia, at Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

This child, me, grew up with Grandma Garnet enjoying the arts at the Alex Theatre. Garnet would take me to see plays on special occasions at the Alex.

I will never forget those times. We would go see a play, then go to Pike’s, or perhaps shopping at Webb’s. I remember “Hansel and Gretel” so clearly and from that day on I loved the arts. It truly was a magical thing and I felt such a big sense of community.

I fell in love with Glendale because it reminded me so much of Grandma Garnet, and the arts were a big part of my life then and now. Glendale is my home and I can't imagine my home without the arts.

I want to take my granddaughter to the Alex when she is old enough and I cannot imagine Glendale without it. I started a small business in Glendale and everything surrounding it relates to the Alex and the story of my business.

GG's Gourmet Toffee began in Glendale in honor of Grandma Garnet. Please don’t tell me that the community or city officials can't do anything to save this historical landmark for my grandchildren and yours.

What will it take to keep the arts alive in this community?

Cynthia Paez


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