Disney characters take center stage during North Korea concert

So you’ve just inherited a struggling communist nation from a dad who took synchronized gymnastics shows to a whole new level and you want to set a new party tone.

For North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong Un, this is achieved with some help from Minnie Mouse and Tigger frolicking on stage. And because use of the characters wasn’t authorized by the Walt Disney Co., the costumes aren’t exact replicas of what you find at Disneyland, which means they look a little creepy.

According to the Associated Press, Disney characters danced and pranced as footage from “Snow White,” “Dumbo,” “Beauty and the Beast” and other movies played on a massive backdrop.

It appears to be the first time Disney characters have been included in a major performance in Pyongyang, though the AP reports that Winnie and Mickey have been popular among children for several years.

Disney’s chief spokesperson told the AP that the use of Disney characters in the North Korean performance was not authorized by the studio.

The performance definitely had a different flavor compared to the massive Arirang shows -- synchronized dance and gymnastics shows involving thousands of people – made famous by his father, Kim Jong Il, who died in December.

Gawker has some photos and video footage here. And while you're at it, check out this Arirang show.

-- Jason Wells, Times Community News

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