For these Rose Bowl planners, nothing is left to chance

College football coaches won’t be the only ones calling the shots at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.

Dozens of Tournament of Roses Assn. workers are now planning every game detail, including the timing of the traditional B-2 flyover and the toss of a specially minted silver coin to determine who will receive the kickoff. The busiest invisible hands belong to Tournament of Roses Senior Game Manager Edward Corey and Game Manager Ted Tompkins.

Corey, prepping for his 35th Rose Bowl, coordinates each moment from the sidelines. When the college bands start to play, it’s because Corey said go.

Tompkins -- a La Crescenta resident who works as a commercial real estate broker in Glendale -- must have everyone and everything in place for Corey. Praised by Rose Bowl Game Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Ash as the organization’s top playmaker on the fly, Tompkins stands ready with spare coins in pocket for the toss and contingency plans in mind for potential miscues. This will be his 40th Rose Bowl Game.

“Our goal is not to be seen,” said Corey, 51. “Our jobs are done best if no one knows we’re here.”

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