Scam targets Glendale utility customers, officials warn

Glendale Water & Power impersonators have been calling customers and asking them to pay their bill over the phone immediately or risk having their utilities shut off — a scheme that’s cropped up in the past.

“It comes in cycles,” said city spokesman Tom Lorenz.

Since last week, three customers have called in to report the scam, Lorenz said. One gave their credit card number to the impersonators, but how much they were charged wasn’t immediately known.

The scammers used an Internet-based program to display the utility’s name and phone number on the customer’s caller ID.

“Unfortunately, we’ll have customers who will readily hand over their credit card numbers,” Lorenz said.

Glendale Water & Power never asks for payment information over the phone or in person and customers should never give their account information to callers, according to a city statement.

Customers who receive similar calls should call Glendale police at (818) 548-4911.

-- Brittany Levine,

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