Glendale: Deadline for overdue library book amnesty nears

To those harboring overdue library books: if you turn them in before Sunday, the city of Glendale will look the other way.

There are currently 2,115 overdue library materials, but because of a weeklong amnesty program through April 20, fines for violators will be waived. The program is in honor of National Library Week.

Most library items, including books and compact discs, cost 25 cents per day after their due, with a maximum fine of $25. Overdue fees for books checked out through Glendale that are from partnering libraries in other cities are $1 per day with a $50 maximum.

While there won’t be any overdue fines, other charges for lost items or collection agency fees for those materials long overdue won’t be waived.

-- Brittany Levine,

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