Glendale Community College to offer more summer, winter session classes

Glendale Community College will be offering more classes for the summer and winter sessions, however, full-time faculty members teaching those courses will be seeing smaller paychecks.

Where faculty members had once earned up to $7,200 to teach a three-unit class during the summer or winter, they will instead be earning about $4,500. The savings associated with the reduced pay during the short sessions is what is allowing the college to offer more classes, said Ron Nakasone, executive vice president of administrative services.

About 140 faculty employees will endure the 35% pay cut while teaching during the short sessions, saving the college $340,000 per year.

Faculty members accepted the pay cut, but at a recent college board of trustees meeting, Faculty Guild President Isabelle Saber said hard feelings lingered over the deal.

“I beg of you to not forget this, because it’s been difficult to pass this agreement,” she told trustees. “There are a lot of feelings. There are a lot of people who are hurt, but they did it because they believe in what they do.”

This winter, the college could offer from 250 to 300 classes, a significant boost following the past two winters in which the college eliminated all classes except those for nursing or fire academy students.

“We’re able to increase our intersessions as we grow,” Nakasone said. “It gives the college much more flexibly in how we schedule our classes.”

The college provided 210 classes to students this summer, a 23% increase compared to a year ago.

-- Kelly Corrigan,

Follow on Twitter: @kellymcorrigan.


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