Black bear helps itself to neighborhood trash

A black bear was spotted again Thursday night, but this time, not even an air horn could stop it from rummaging through residents’ trash.

Resident Sillas Duarte Jr. heard a noise in his backyard in the 3100 block of Dragonfly Street and went to investigate — only to find the bruin, which is known by Fish & Wildlife officials as the Chevy Chase bear.

The bear had knocked down trash bins belonging to Duarte and a neighbor.

Duarte used an air horn to try to scare the bear, but that didn’t work. The bear continued noshing on trash.

“I am very concerned about this bear's behavior,” Duarte said in an email. “I am afraid something bad can happen.”

Soon after, police received calls from neighbors advising them that the bear was wandering around the neighborhood and that residents couldn’t get to their vehicles because they were afraid, Glendale police spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot said.

Police reportedly flashed lights on the bear, which ran toward Flint Peak in Glendale.

The bear has frequented the neighborhood at least four times this month, but hasn’t been seen in Chevy Chase Canyon since September.

Fish & Wildlife officials have said the 300-pound bruin is attracted to the area’s open space and wildlife.

The bear’s visits could become less frequent if residents reduce its food sources and secure their trash bins, officials said.

A bear visited a Chevy Chase Canyon neighborhood twice this week and destroyed an orange tree at a hillside home.


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