Letter: Support Glendale Arts, Alex Theatre with donations

THe nonprofit Glendale Arts is kicking off a new fundraising campaign for operations at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.
“Like all businesses, nonprofits in Glendale are struggling right now,” writes a member of the Glendale Arts board. “And yet their expenses continue to mount.”
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The nonprofit industry is the third largest in America. In Glendale, nonprofit agencies employ hundreds of people and serve thousands. They provide food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, safety for the abused and entertainment for our souls.

Without nonprofits, Glendale would be a pretty dull place to live. We support our favorite nonprofits because we care about the issues they address, and we believe the work they do makes a difference. We’re fans, and we’re loyal.

Like all businesses, nonprofits in Glendale are struggling right now. Glendale Arts, for example, reduced staff hours and ceased direct services. The Alex Theatre will remain closed until May — rescheduling or perhaps even canceling events. And yet their expenses continue to mount.

We must remember, most nonprofits rely wholly, or at least in part, on donations from people like you and me. Money is tight for everyone right now. It’s a rough time. It’s also a time where it would be easy to look inward and “take care of No. 1.” But if there was ever a time to look outward and express gratitude to those serving us and our community, this is it.


I urge you to call or visit the websites of your favorite nonprofits and make a financial gift, give a loan of emergency funds, donate your time to make phone calls or deliver goods to the homebound.

We need nonprofits like Glendale Arts and the Alex Theatre up and running when this crisis is over. We need them to be strong and stable — to keep Glendale vibrant.

Susan Hunt
Glendale Arts board member

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