Politics, driving and biking in Glendale

City politics never cease to amaze me. In your very news article from 9/8/2010, Glendale was ranked one of the worst places to drive for the third year in row. To be precise, Glendale was ranked 191 out of 193. A driver is 70.8% more likely to be involved in a crash than in the other cities in the test population.

So first, it was the actual bike lanes painted on the various corridors within the city. How safe is it on Glenoaks Blvd? I remember the automobile on display on the grass inner section of the street specifically to address the speeding that occurs on Glenoaks. How safe is it on Stocker Ave with all those cars parked, the apartment buidlings, you want to ride your bike there constantly on guard for cars exiting the underground parking?

And now, the City wants to spend another $5.8M to encourage more bikers in one of the most unsafe places to drive. Bike vs car - we all know who will win. Why don’t we spend our tax dollars on schools or something that makes sense? I encourage people to bike, but please do it responsibly, safely, and for recreation on the bike path along the LA River or around the Rose Bowl. Safety first!

Patricia Moore