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Commentary: Mailbag: Reader floats idea for unique entry in 2020 Rose Parade

The year 2020 will ring in the 100th anniversary of the clause arbitrated by a U.S. president in the Treaty of Sèvres that called for what became known as Wilsonian Armenia. What better way for our city to honor and celebrate that history and elevate its importance than with participation in the 2020 Rose Parade?

If the city of Glendale could once again support a float for the Rose Parade, or work in tandem with the American Armenian Rose Float Assn., this would be an opportunity for those of Armenian and also of American heritage to collaborate and honor our shared history. We have an unrivaled friendship between us, so let’s combine our efforts to share our historical pride with the world.

Many people do not know about President Woodrow Wilson’s legacy to Armenia, but we can present the treaty and Wilson’s legacy with pride. Let’s use this unique opportunity to teach the world about Wilson’s vision of Wilsonian Armenia. It’s time to float!

Rachel Melikian