Feeding the tiger called greed

I truly believe that a very symbolic American word, “service” should be redefined and/or removed from all dictionaries. Service is not performed when an attempt by you, a real person, tries to talk to a computer voice and expect it to understand.

And service is not being performed by anyone but you when someone teaches you to unload your cart of purchases, scan them and then bag your items.

America's future is looking pretty dim these days. The high unemployment, the debt, high food prices are all killing us. On a recent day I saw that greed is well and thriving, and if given rein, will play a strong part in this new world of America. I went to a “grand opening” at a new food store on Foothill in Tujunga and was very impressed with all of the products. I'm sure they did very well that day and I thought as I was leaving that our older, more established stores would certainly have some competition, including one of our favorites that just recently moved to Montrose.

I went back to the new store in Tujunga to buy a few items but something had changed. There were no checkers at any of the check-out stations They were all do-it-yourself stations. The same people that were there checking your items on opening day were no longer checkers. They were there solely to train us to check out our own purchases. And, after that, what? I would question the longevity of these types of employment.

Is this really the answer to jobs, or is it just another way to feed the tiger called greed?

Edwina L. Hughes


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