Editorial: Residents must do their part

As if the rash of high-profile burglaries last week in Glendale wasn't enough of a reminder, residents got another one on Wednesday about the importance of staying vigilant.

Five more burglaries — most of them fitting the same modus operandi of those perpetrated last week — were reported in an upscale neighborhood Wednesday. Many were crimes of opportunity — a doggy door that's no longer needed, a front door left unlocked.

In broad daylight, the burglars are hitting high-end homes near easy freeway access in areas that, until now, haven't dealt with such a crime trend. So perhaps it was understandable when, at first, residents were caught a little off guard. But no longer.

After two weeks of similar headlines and police warnings, it's hard to think that residents can be so flat-footed any more.

These burglaries, which police say are tied to organized crime groups made up of South L.A. gang members, show no sign of slowing unless neighborhoods become hyper vigilant. Even with undercover police monitoring, there are only so many boots on the ground.

What's most effective is a mixture of preventive security, communication and attentiveness. Thieves will only put up with that for so long before hitting greener pastures.

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