Could have been a different world

Re: “One year afterbin Laden's death, Schiff warns of 'formidable challenge,’” May 1.

If I were in representative/candidate Adam Schiff's position of trust, I would candidly suggest to President Obama that he give his 2012 presidential campaign committee the following good advice: Frankly, folks, I disapprove of your “Commemorating the death of Osama bin Laden” video's message because it has former President Bill Clinton in it, thus risking a political backfire for his hypocritical insinuations about Mitt Romney.

To wit, back in 1996, then-President Clinton could have stopped the development of al Qaeda by agreeing to take Sudan up on its offer to hand over the organization's founder, Osama bin Laden, to him. Bin Ladin was already an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and Clinton could have at least arrested him for “probable cause,” etc., upon his stepping onto U.S. territory.

If bin Laden had indeed been stopped from subsequently forming that jihadist, then mainly Afghanistan-based terrorist organization he named al Qaeda —whose offshoots are manifestly still trying to blow up American airliners; for local examples, John Wayne Airport reportedly recently received such a bomb threat and a Bob Hope Airport airliner could be next — what a different world it might have been.

Harvey Pearson

Los Feliz

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