The wherefores of campaign donations

Francis Adams raises some questions in his letter of May 26 that I would like to address.

“Who are the Democrats that can spend $40,000 to have dinner with our failed president?”

A fundraiser for President Obama was held recently at the home of George Clooney, an Academy Award-winning actor, producer and director. Many of the people that attended are successful members of the Hollywood entertainment industry who support the president enough to pay $40,000 each to attend. On May 16, a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser was held for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the Miami home of Phil Frost. Frost is an executive with Teva Pharmaceuticals, whose company makes the “morning after” abortion pill. The people that attended this event are successful members of the Miami business community who support Mr. Romney enough to pay $50,000 each to attend.

While I am glad Adams acknowledges that Barack Obama is “our” president, I take exception with his characterization of him as “failed” president.

“Who pays for these many ‘fundraising trips'?”

It is true that the taxpayers pay a portion of the expenses whenever a president travels. It is understood that a president is always on the job. Sophisticated communications, security and staffing must be maintained at all times for the president to function. When the trip includes a campaign event, the campaign reimburses the taxpayers for a portion of the expenses. In fact, President Obama's campaign pays a larger portion of these expenses than previous presidents in compliance with new rules adopted by the Federal Election Commission in 2009.

Give the taxpayer a break, Mr. Adams? As a matter of fact, my taxes are lower under President Obama than they were under President Bush. Mission Accomplished!

Patrick McDonald

La Crescenta

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