Sick of employees that steal

Glenn Steiger was one of the most highly paid employees of the city of Glendale. There is no way that he resigned without another job over a small issue, months away from his pension.

Typical management procedure would be giving a reprimand, seeking restitution and admonishment not to do it again. Expense accounts are “small potatoes” to what is going to be coming out about the management techniques of Steiger.

Most likely, he did not do his deeds alone. There will be others. Editor Dan Evans should do some real investigating/reporting. There was no way that anyone operating on “half-batteries” could read accolades the News-Press has printed about Steiger and then believe that he resigned over an expense account issue. More fluff is not what is needed. The city needs a major house-cleaning and the News-Press needs some good, old-fashioned investigative reporting.

I asked Fire Chief Scoggins why his fire battalions needed “drivers” to the tune of $700,000 a year during this budget time. No response. One would think that a battalion chief could operate his own vehicle. There are some fools somewhere down at City Hall that think all of the misdeeds are going away. Wrong.

Layer by layer, the truth will appear. I, for one, am sick of paying for employees that steal with both hands and still never have enough.

Carole Weling


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