Road diet would change Montrose forever

Thank you, Councilman Ara Najarian. I was encouraged to read that perhaps one council member is coming to realize that a big part of being a representative of the people is knowing when to “really” listen to those in the community (“Road diet feeds ire,” June 19).

We are adults and we love our Montrose. We know what we want to lose and what we will fight to keep.

Sometimes, stepping back and taking another look is very important. The people of Glendale are not children and they do not like being treated as such. And, surprisingly, you will find heavier doses of wisdom from within them than you give them credit for, so I thank you, for at least revisiting the project before it’s too late.

I was there last Saturday morning. And there was no question in my mind other than that if this project continues on, it will change Montrose forever. There were so many bikes around that there was no place to park them and no place to walk, and then to add the car traffic to the mix, it would be one big mess.

It will indeed, sir, be the end of an era and Montrose will change forever.

Spending $125,000 will turn into $300,000 and I question the timing and real reason behind the project. Is this something that the City Council should be pushing?

If you and the council continue on with this senseless project, you will destroy the very heart of Montrose.

Edwina L. Hughes


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