Krikorian's record speaks for itself

Much will be said about the political damage that Greg Krikorian will pay as a result of the exposure of his recent bankruptcy (“Krikorian shrugs off cash woes,” July 1). Is there more to this story that can shed light on all of us?

Leave partisan and ethnic politics aside for a moment. Krikorian’s livelihood is in a precarious line of business that is vanishing steadily — publishing on paper. Like the horse and buggy gave way to the automobile, the realities of competition from new technologies are very real today. As a society, we’ve come a long way from the concept of debtor’s prison, but not far from the core concept of self-reliance, pulling our own weight, and accountability. Despite these moral values, the vast majority of employees in private industry are one major illness or one layoff away from a similar fate.

We can evaluate Krikorian based on the outcomes of the Glendale Unified School District. Is it fiscally prudent? Does it rank high on educational outcomes? Is the dialogue during board meetings reasoned and nuanced? We don’t need to guess about Krikorian’s potential effectiveness in the Assembly. He’s got a public record that is a more a relevant gauge on his character.

Herbert Molano


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