Parking in Montrose has become difficult

I have lived and worked in Glendale since 1969. Over the years, my wife and I have enjoyed shopping and dining in Montrose. We have noted in the last few years that parking in the afternoon and evening has become more difficult.

On a recent evening, we went to Montrose for dinner and noticed construction at the corner of Honolulu and Oceanview. We were surprised to discover that a Starbuck’s was coming to Montrose. We were even more amazed that the city of Glendale had issued an exemption to Starbuck’s for the normal required parking. Last week I noticed posted sign at 2274 Honolulu, just two shops down from the Starbuck’s under construction, that appears to be asking for the same exemption as Starbuck’s.

Since noticing the hearing sign, I have driven through the public parking areas behind the 2200 block on Honolulu several times. After 4 p.m. few, if any, spaces are available. On Tuesday, July 10, I personally went into about 15 shops along the south side of the 2200 block of Honolulu to speak with the shop keepers. They were unanimous in their opinion that lack of parking has become an issue for their business. This seems especially true during the late afternoon and evening hours.

Granting a parking exempting for a martial arts school would seem to be endangering the neighboring merchants. The restaurants can only survive if customers find adequate and convenient parking.

Since this new proposed business is requesting to be exempt, I would like to know what process the city goes through to determine the issue of necessary parking for new merchants in Montrose.

I challenge you to produce even one shopkeeper, employee or customer that would not agree with me that parking for the 2200 block of Honolulu is problematic during the afternoon and evenings in Montrose.

SD Cooper

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