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What has Gatto accomplished?

I read the article “Krikorian shrugs off cash woes” on July 1.

I was concerned because while I have only shaken Mr. Krikorian’s hand after a talk he gave, I do not know him. After that meeting, I did some checking with others into his background and got positive feedback from all I spoke to.

Krikorian has been involved as a member of the Glendale School Board, the Boy Scouts and other community services. He is a fiscal conservative. He and his family have been active in the Glendale community for many years.

Millions of people in the United States are having financial difficulties due the current crisis brought on by unemployment, wasteful spending and commitments by government to ill-conceived projects in this country, to name a few.


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. I hope there will soon be an article regarding our current representative in Sacramento, Mr. Gatto, that outlines what his accomplishments have been in over two years in office to correct the current disastrous financial crisis that is pervasive in California.

Kenneth A. Kneale Sr.
La Crescenta