The city could be hiring, not laying off

Our city council put in place a band-aid-fix of a two-tier salary step for new city employees, which included changing their retirement age from 50 to 55 (“Money spent is money saved,” Aug. 4). But to still maintain pension retirements with 90%, 75% or 60% of employees' last years' of spiked salary is a favorable move by the city unions, but bad for the folks who have to pay the bills.

I am sure applicants for city positions would be more than glad to have a job today, even without a city pension, and only receiving Social Security and a 401(k) plan.

When council members can legally receive campaign money from the political action committees of our unions and then sit down and negotiate with them, there is a perception of a conflict of interest and the interest of the voters is compromised.

We need to re-structure our city employment with Social Security, a 401(k) plan, hiring at will, and a standard medical and dental plan. Additionally, we should never have been part of the corrupt CalPERS 7.5% investment guarantee program. Had we eliminated collective bargaining, the civil service commission and the seniority system, today the city would not be laying off people with a two-year incentive retirement package, but hiring instead.

Mike Mohill


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