Concessions needed from city employees

Re: “City, unions remain at odds,” Aug. 25. The Glendale City Employees Association is upset because in 2010 it was the only union to take a salary cut of 1.5% while the other unions received no pay cuts. All the city unions, including the employees association, can still retire at age 50 or 55 with 30 years of service and receive 90%, 75% or 60% of their last year of income.

Tuesday night, the city council was set to discuss bicycle transportation. Local cyclists would very much like our city to allocate $65,000, which is approximately 10% of a local match grant of $659,000, to promote a mode of transportation. The Bicycle Transportation Plan is supported by many civic organizations.

On Aug 12 the News-Press had a story, “Commission ramps up Verdugo Skate Park fees.” Kris Hall, 15 and a skateboard enthusiast, in October will be paying a $3 daily fee or an annual pass of $50 for use of the skate park. Kris Hall is not represented by any of our well-organized city unions or by any of the well-organized bicycle associations.

The city is broke! Utility rates keep rising, roads are crumbling, parks are dirtier and trees need trimming. Let us not forget the increases in dog fees, trash fees, utility user fees, back-flow device fees, library fees, out-door dining fees — the list goes on and on. Then the city council wants to transfer another $20 million from Glendale Water & Power into the pockets of our city employees for their bloated salaries and pensions.

Young Kris stands alone. Bicyclists pay no license fees. Why should skateboard enthusiasts have to pay a fee?

City employees are retiring as millionaires with excessive lifetime pensions. Why don’t city employees make serious wage and pension concessions so that expected city services can be restored and the quality of life of Glendalians can be reclaimed?

Mike Mohill

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