Bad Driving Signals

I read Liana Aghajanian's article/comments on Glendale drivers. She notes a lack of quantifiable claims regarding the safety hazards caused by young Armenian male drivers or Armenian drivers, in general, due to a lack of driving ability and courtesy.

I must disagree with these comments. This information can easily be quantified. All she need do is review driving citations that are issued and she will be able to clearly discern what is stereotype and what is truth. In my 20 years as a Glendale resident, I can say that a majority of the time, drivers who are double parked, parked in red zones, ignoring stop signs and crosswalks, talking on cell phones and running red lights are overwhelmingly Armenian. The question, then, does not concern who, but what to do about this. Since laws and driver courtesy seem to mean nothing to these drivers, perhaps loss of their driving privileges for a protracted time, and fines that mean something, will help to alleviate this problem.

Bruce Grant


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