The Crosby Chronicles: Hoover High newspaper nominated for award

When I first became the adviser to Hoover High School’s newspaper, I had a foremost goal: for the students to produce the best high school newspaper in the country.

Well, 20 plus years later, I am extremely proud to report that the Tornado Times has just been nominated for a Pacemaker award by the National Scholastic Press Association. That’s akin to an Oscar in the high school newspaper world. The winners will be announced at a national convention in November.

Allow me to gush over all the journalism students I have had the privilege to work with during the past couple of decades. These young women and men sacrifice their snacks, lunches, sometimes classes, even social time with friends, in order to work collaboratively on the paper.

For any of the public out there who view teenagers with a cynical eye, come visit these young journalists. Their work ethic will change any negative perceptions held of adolescents.

I am so lucky to have a home for such talented students to flourish.

BRIAN CROSBY is a teacher in the Glendale Unified School District and the author of "Smart Kids, Bad Schools and The $100,000 Teacher." He can be reached at


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