Please, people: Pick up your trash

I took photos of trash piled along curbs on Aug. 30. The trash had already been here for at least three weeks prior to my photos. As I write this, it is Sept. 12 and the trash is still there. In fact, more has been added. It spreads all the way from the apartments at 1144 N. Verdugo Road to the apartments at Calle Vaquero. It is disgusting and it is hazardous.

Also, look at what is underneath the 134 Freeway overpass, just north of 1414 E. Chevy Chase Drive. Trash, liquor bottles, a mattress, furniture; you name it, it gets dumped here.

What happened to pride in community? Who is responsible for picking up this trash? Why has it been there so long? This is not the Glendale I came to 43 years ago.

I drove past Glendale Community College today and there at the bus stop on the southbound side of Cañada Boulevard were at least 10 students waiting for the bus amid all the trash on the ground, with a trash can right next to the bus stop.

I am completely and thoroughly disgusted with the lack of respect for our city. How hard is it to be a responsible citizen? Pick up your own trash, people! Otherwise, you are the trash.

Glori Steele


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