Charging for skate park is wrong

I must be missing something. Since when is it OK to charge the children of Glendale to use a skate park that was built with taxpayer money in a city park? Should we expect an admission fee to enter all of our city parks in the future? We should be able to charge at least 50 cents for using a swing or a slide. If we added tolls on the sidewalks we could raise even more money, especially from those kids that walk to school. How about charging a bicycle tax for painting [bike lanes] in the streets, or putting meters on the picnic benches?

I've got a better idea: How about spreading around the millions that the city seems to have for ridiculous projects like a fledgling neon museum, millions for an off ramp for Disney that nobody uses, or even $500,000 for a chess park that seconds as a homeless encampment?

Is it just me, or does all of this seem just plain wrong?

Mark Walcoff

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