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Food labels are already deceptive

The “No On 37” campaign, funded by Monsanto, Kellogg’s, the Grocery Manufacturers Assn., etc., refers to Prop. 37 on its radio and TV ads as the “deceptive labeling scheme.” Ironically, “deceptive labeling” best describes the current use of the word “natural” by the processed food industry backing “No on 37.”

The lack of restrictions on the use of the word “natural” on food packaging allows food processors to charge the health-oriented consumer a premium for their product, even if that product contains genetically modified organisms. Presto! More money for them, less money for the consumer due to this truly deceptive practice.

We consumers have a right to know what Monsanto and the “No on 37” commercial food industry supporters don’t want us to know. We consumers hate to be deceived. Yes on 37 would stop some of that deception.

David Lancon