McDonald's provides a smokers' habitat

As an asthmatic, I was originally pleased to hear of Glendale's program to limit public smoking — I spent 16 weeks in the hospital last year alone as a result of uncontrolled smoking in the building where I live. In order to get away from this activity, I began escaping to a local popular McDonald’s restaurant. Regrettably, little effort is made to control smoking outside near the entrances. At intervals, workers in the building, customers and even McDonald’s employees light up in the back right under the air conditioning intake vents, flooding the restaurant with smoke within seconds.

This invariably leads to my having severe respiratory distress, also producing a chorus of hacking and coughing among the young children and seniors in the restaurant. Talking with the smokers results in nonsensical comments about “smoker's rights” or “go to another restaurant.” As with most addicts, they are only concerned about getting their momentary fix.

McDonald’s is, of course, a popular place for children and seniors. Unfortunately, McDonald's has demonstrated its lack of concern for their patrons’ health and well-being by allowing this unhealthful activity to continue. I enjoy visiting this location, because aside from the lack of smoking regulation, the managers there run a pleasant, friendly and efficient family restaurant, which is enjoyable in every other respect. If parents have any serious concerns for their children’s' health, this location might be one to avoid until this issue is resolved, or at least they should express their concern to management regarding this health issue.

Robert Shockley

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