Help food pantries help others

Being thankful at a time like this -- with the nagging effects of economic recession, strife in the Middle East, natural disaster recovery, and on and on -- can seem like a tall order.

But for those of us who still have jobs, a roof over our heads and bank accounts with money in them, that’s more many of us have.

Let’s face it, food pantries are never “flush” or fully stocked. They never have too much to go around. They’re never worried about running out of shelf space.

But during the holidays, in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and then Christmas, it’s especially pitiful that they should be so barren, particularly when the need among our fellow residents is so high. There’s no reason why pantries should have just a handful of turkeys mere days before Thanksgiving.

So even if you’re not feeling particularly thankful this year, consider making a grocery drop-off at a local food pantry. It’s bound to make someone who’s less fortunate feel what so many of us forget to: gratitude.

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