Keep the circus out of Glendale

I am writing in response to the recent letter from Nancy Klein concerning the cruel treatment of animals by the Ramos Circus.

I support Klein in asking the Glendale community and the City Council to please protect both Glendale residents and animals used by circuses by pledging never to host a circus that uses animals again. During its recent stint in Glendale, Ramos Bros. Circus unnecessarily jeopardized public safety and animal welfare twice by letting a camel escape and gallop toward a busy intersection on Nov. 23, and, just a week later, allowing three dogs to escape and run toward traffic.

The only way to ensure that Glendale is not supporting the cruel treatment of animals is to join Pasadena, Corona, Encinitas and Santa Ana on the growing list of jurisdictions cities that have banned the use of exotic animals in circuses.

Roana Tannahill

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