Carlson story had unnecessary details

While reading the “City is asked to pay for wall” story in the Jan. 10 News-Press, I wondered why the author included information about Tami Carlson's refusal to sign off on the Glendale Unified School District grant application. As president of the Glendale Teachers Assn. for the last few years, Carlson's name has been in the news many times, so the suggestion that not approving the grant proposal was what caused her to be suddenly thrust into the public spotlight is spurious.

Even the timeline cited — she refused to sign the application two weeks after discovering the problem with the wall — is totally irrelevant and adds no context. These are completely unrelated issues.

To be clear, I've never met Carlson and would not consider myself a fan of her methods. Although I'm sure she believes she's advocating properly for the teachers in our district, I often find her tactics to be obstructionist and divisive to the overall welfare of what is in the best interest of students and the community at large. Nonetheless, an article of this nature should be objective and present only the necessary facts.

Phillip Hain

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