Najarian was a letdown at meeting

On Tuesday night, Councilman Ara Najarian sat through three hours of testimony from people for and against banning the long-standing Glendale Gun Show at the Civic Auditorium. He heard those of us in favor of the ban argue that a gun show is an inappropriate use of public property; he heard NRA officials and gun rights advocates (some of whom literally wrapped themselves in the flag) declare that ending the show constitutes a tyrannical assault on their liberties.

Then Najarian said he didn't understand the issue. Is he stupid, or does he think his constituents are?

Najarian then showed a PowerPoint slide show with pictures of the Redcoats and the Los Angeles riots. The implication, I gathered, was that we'd all be living under the king if not for guns, and that the riots might not have happened if everybody kept an AK-47 under their bed. Or something like that. It was an embarrassing display of feeble intellect and simpleton logic, and that it was obviously prepared well ahead of the meeting proves Najarian had already made up his mind and had no interest in truly listening to the debate. It was a brazen act of contempt for his constituents.

I can't believe I voted for this guy; I won't make the same mistake twice.

Steve Ryfle

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