Fear, not facts, wins out on the dais

Sadly, last December, a 20-year-old lost his mind and vented his rage on the world. The hearts of those of sound frames of mind continue to ache from the loss. In time, however, the emotional impact will lessen. Looking back, our vision and minds will clear. Only then will we realize that we cannot control the demons that live in the minds of the few.

Last week, the impulsive decision to ban a tradition in Glendale was as manic as the Newtown shooter himself. Nevertheless, four votes, based on fear, not facts, prevailed. Prudence was pushed aside. The decision, tragically, moved the city of Glendale another step closer to dystopia. It went unnoticed.

Countless volumes of literature have addressed the impact of the few controlling the many. Soon, another ordinance will be drafted to dictate how we live and remind us of who is in charge.

Maria Smart
La Crescenta

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