No pot convention means city's cookie supply will remain safe

Finally, Glendale makes a decision that I can get behind.

Banning the pot convention (which would have taken place on private property) was a wise choice.

I do not want all those stoners bothering me, especially during Girl Scout cookie season. Right on, city of Glendale!

Can you imagine those munchie-induced lunatics running rampant in the streets?

Who needs more pizza deliveries on crowded city streets?

And the pull on our cable system with all those video gamers?

My goodness, if an argument broke out they’d be all, “Dude! Don’t bogart all the chips, why I oughta — whoa, look at my hand.”

Who needs that? Why, there isn’t a cookie safe within city limits.

Good thing that gun show will happen, I need to protect my Thin Mints!

Eileen Young

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