Incumbent city clerk deserves reelection

This year's election presents a variety of important decisions we need to make as Glendale stakeholders.

There are things that must change, and others that we need to keep the same.

However, we need to remind ourselves that there is only one position in the city that is intended to provide neutral and impartial service to all: the city clerk's position.

As the only candidate who can be a certified municipal clerk, Ardy Kassakhian has gone beyond the responsibility of serving us with integrity.

From the counter at City Hall to your desktop computer, he has ensured transparency in city affairs; increased accessibility through technology; digitized paper records for the sake of convenience and the environment; and run the office to provide us with unmatched customer service.

There are no second options for the service we deserve; therefore, there are no second options with who can do the right job. I call on all of you to not take risks with what is not tried and not proven. Let's protect the impartial and prudent service we have received from City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian. Let's simplify the complex election cycle we are facing by reelecting Ardy Kassakhian to continue the service we are rightfully accustomed to and expect from our city clerk's office.

David George Gevorkyan

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