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News-Press Endorsement: Yes on Measure B in Glendale

As a voter, you’d be forgiven if you took a look at Measure B and walked away feeling like you just got handed a manual written in Latin.

The measure is complex and chock-full of bureaucratic accounting glop, so here’s the takeaway and the reason why we’re endorsing it: The city’s Charter, when it comes to keeping track of utility revenues and how to move them around, is stuck in outdated terminology that complicates modern accounting methods at City Hall.

So in an effort to bring the Charter out of the era before electronic keyboard and calculators existed, the city is proposing changes to the language of rules that govern how officials track, account for and transfer utility revenues.

As for how much of that revenue city officials can transfer, nothing changes. All the caps remain in place.


Measure B is, in effect, about government trying to work smarter and more efficiently — and that’s why we’re endorsing it.